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In addition to his oil paintings, Chris is also co-founder and owner of Xplorer Maps; an emerging business that renders hand-drawn antique-styled maps.

Based in Missoula, MT and partnering with conservation and historic organizations around the world, Xplorer Maps aims to “tell the story” and establish lasting connections between people and place with entirely custom renderings. They truly are a unique, one-of-a-kind memento of your travels.

Beginning in 2009 with the state of Montana and then Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, the brand has grown to include an IP library of more than 20 illustrated maps including 8 National Parks and numerous other significant travel destinations around the world.

Throughout the years Chris has also created similar old-world styled maps of the United Arab Emirates, Zanzibar, Mallorca, Masai Mara, and Africa’s Great Rift Valley that are part of the Xplorer Maps collection, as well as additional maps of the city of London, nine African countries and many private commissions.

Peruse the Xplorer Maps Gallery on this site or click the “shop” image at the bottom of the page to view them on the Xplorer Maps website where prints are also available for purchase.


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